Danish Pastries – Round 2

Last week I ran up my first batch of Danish, using only half of my dough to make Pain au Raisin.


This morning the second half of the dough came out of the freezer for breakfast and I ran up the second batch,  venturing for my first time to make more complex  shapes.  This did prove a little trickier because of that springy quality to the dough which meant that just when I thought I had the perfect square for the Danish,  it sprung back to a rectangle.  I talked about his on my last post but forgot t learn m own lesson.   All most frustrating but worth remembering for the next time.


I won’t go into the ins and outs of forming the different types.  There is this rather good video on youtube that does far better than I could ever describe or photo.

These were Creme Pat and I am afraid I cheated and used tinned apricots rather than stewing my own  – a terrible sin I know. Absolutely delicious and we still have one for our tea!


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  1. thestaticfoodbin says:

    These Danish pastries are gorgeous!


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