Vive Les Cremes Patissieres – in all their forms

When I started this blog I had never made Creme Patissiere (often shortened to “Creme Pat” by us Brits, and called “Pastry Cream” by our American cousins).  Quite how I managed this I am not sure.  There was one failed attempt many years ago and I think I never tried again afterwards.  10 months after starting the blog and I am somewhat amazed that I gave up so easily all those years ago.

Creme Pat is not complex as long as you follow the steps.  My favoured recipe using cornflour can be found by clicking on this link.

What I also hadn’t realised was the 5 other tart and cake fillings follow from the basic Creme Patissiere, by adding one extra ingredient.  I have tried four of them so far and will be catching up with the rest soon.  I have brought them all together here and you can find them under the “Basics” menu.

Les Cremes

  • Creme Anglaise (Custard) – like Creme Pat but with far less cornflour to create a source
    • for every nursery pudding the Brits have ever invented, but my favourite is Crumble
  • Creme Mousseline – added butter for smoothness and richness
    • used in the cakes and the Gateau Fraisiere and the Paris-Brest
    • there is the German variety which they call “Deutsche Buttercreme” which is virtually the same with a higher butter content
  • Creme Madame – added whipped cream for fluffiness and a light texture
  • Creme Diplomate – Creme Madame with gelatine for added firmness
  • Creme Chiboust – added Italian meringue for an even lighter texture than Diplomate
    • used in the Gateau St Honore and the Millefeuille
  • Creme Frangipane – added butter and ground almonds
    • used in tarts and almond croissants

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