Vive Les Cremes Patissieres – in all their forms

When I started this blog I had never made Creme Patissiere (often shortened to “Creme Pat” by us Brits, and called “Pastry Cream” by our American cousins).  Quite how I managed this I am not sure.  There was one failed attempt many years ago and I think I never tried again afterwards.  10 months after starting…

Creme Patissiere

Creme Patissiere is an absolute Basic.  So much more flows from this  beauty.  All the wonderful Cremes (Mousselline, Diplomate amongst many others), German Buttercream, and of course with a little less cornflour, that absolute British favourite – custard. There are 2 recipes out there – one using flour as the thickener, and one using cornflour….