Baking, Blogging and Life are not always compatible

To those of you who have followed me, I just want to apologise for not posting for a while.  Life has unfortunately decided to throw a few googlies my way (that is an English cricketing term for being a bloody pain in the backside) which has just got in the way of posting for a while.  6 weeks ago my much adored Mum was found to have various potentially very serious things wrong her, and it has been a round of doctors, phones calls hospital appointments ever since. We are not out of the woods yet but we may finally be turning a corner with it all – which touch wood will be a huge relief to all the family.  The gods have thrown a little too much our way on the last month and it is time for them to be kind.

The upshot of that is that there has been limited time to blog, especially as we are in the middle of high summer so the garden is in need of attention if it it is not to get out of hand, not to mention catching up with the paid work that has fallen behind.

Baking has still happened because with all the stress, it is still a stress reliever allowing time to wrote it up.  I have a lovely Rhubarb Cheesecake to add, a Poppyseed Tart, my adventures with seedy Sourdough continue, and I have a savoury Moroccan Pastilla to tell you about.  In the next few weeks I have a friends Birthday Cake to make, and we are hosting a garden party so they will be plenty more, if I can find the energy and time to sit down and write them up. So please bear with me – normal service will resumed soon.


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