Chocolate Swirls

I am not the best at chocolate work these swirls are a not hard to do and I firmly recommend trying them out because they are a useful store cupboard item and add a lovely decorative element to a cake or torte.


They have made an appearance a couple of times now in various goodies  and fans of the Great British Bake off might have noted that Pru Leiths Torte Setteveli challenge require these (even though  that none of the the contestants managed them).

The technique is simple really and if you get lost here is a useful video here.

  • wrap a rolling pin in baking parchment and staple the parchment it at the ends so it stays on
  • temper your chocolate (Google this one as there are multiple techniques)
  • spread on strip of acetate
  • pull a comb through the chocolate
  • allow to set until slightly tacky
  • wrap the acetate around the rolling pin
  • perch it on the end of 2 bowls so the chocolate is not being squashed
  • allow to dry completely
  • pull the rolling pin and parchment out
  • separate out your swirls
  • store until needed

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